Because of you..

Dibawah ini teks lagu because of you.mungkin sekaran ini lagi pada suka lagu ini.walaupun lagu lama tetep aja ngena di hati slamet di nikamati.

if ever you wonder
if you touch my soul, yes you do
since i met you im not the same
you bring life in everything i do
just the way you say hello
with one touch, i can’t let go
never thought i have fallen in love with you..

because of you my life has changed
thank you for the love and the joy you bring
because of you i feel no shame
i’ll tell the world its because of you..

sometimes i get lonely
and all i got to do is think of you
you captured something inside of me
you made all my dreams come true
its not enough that you love me for me
you reach inside and touch me internally
i love you best explain how i feel for you

the magic in your eyes
true love i can’t deny
when you hold me, i just loose control
i want you to know that i’m never letting go
you mean so much to me
i want the world to see
it’s because of you..

by :nop


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  1. love this song..

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